SpaceHeroes CTF

back · home · ctf · posted 2022-04-01 · Florida Tech security club (FITSEC) CTF


This CTF was very enjoyable! You could tell the challenge authors had a lot of fun putting the challenges together. And it was their first event as a club! (Although some of the club members clearly had experience running CTFs). If I had to complain, the challenges weren't too difficult, and some were guessy. But overall, a good time.

Scoreboard, thehackerscrew in first place with magi in second, both with the same score

I played with magi, and we took second overall (winning a cool astronaut-signed certificate and some 'astronaut ice cream'). We solved all of the challenges, but not as fast as thehackerscrew :(. But we were first in the academic division, so we got that going for us.

Ice cream and certificate prizes